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Few Words About Us

We are an online platform that is dedicated to helping you manage your Bills and Debts efficiently and satisfactorily. How do we achieve this? Through:

Sms and Email Reminders

We send you useful updates and reminders about your bills and debts.For example debts/bills that need payment.

Push notifications

We would send you reminders via push notifications on your phone/computer concerning your bills and debts.

Statistics and Charts

We provide you useful Statistical information and beautiful charts about your bills and debts

Ease to Create, View and Organize

The platform will enable you create,edit,view and organize your bills and debts in a satisfactory manner.


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Our online bills and debts App offers the following features

Creating Bills and Debts

It is so easy to add a record of a bill and debt.Just few clicks and you have the record.

Filter Bills and Debts

You can filter bills and debts in so many ways. For example by dates to be paid,whether they are paid or not, by categories etc

Delete Bills and Debts

You can delete or even archive bills and debts at will

Push Notification Reminders

We send you push notification reminders about your bills and debts. This way you don't have to worry about forgetting them

SMS Reminders

We send you SMS reminders about your bills and debts.

Email Reminders

We send you Email reminders about your bills and debts.


Take charge of your bills and debts. pay on time.


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